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Eugene Mandelcorn

"Film is a fairly young art form, having been invented a little over a century ago.  It has only approached it potential.  This film is an attempt to start a whole new genre.  It will not be the greatest film ever made or the most artistic, but it will definitely be the "most important."    As the First Solution Film in the History of the Cinema it will hopefully "Lee'd The Way" for many talented filmmakers to make films that not only show "the way things are," but show "the way things should be." Films that not only entertain, but inspire and enlighten, by showing possible solutions to the problems that we face every day."



Richard L. Anderson

"I always enjoyed the films of Frank Capra, such as “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, or “Meet John Doe”.  They start out as light comedy with charming “average folks” characters, but then turn dark as these innocents are confronted by nefarious forces, much more powerful than our heroes. The appeal of these classic pictures is that we all feel that we are up against the system, which is stacked against us, whether it is an unjustified parking ticket or paying a large chunk of our hard earned money in taxes to fund an endless bureaucracy. "Lee’d The Way" fits this genre as mild mannered accountant, Patrick Lee, decides to run for president of the United States. The story has fascinating characters, an Asian American man and a Native American woman leader within the Cherokee Nation, fighting to solve the country’s problems by means of new technology and collaboration, as opposed to the grandiose and crushingly costly programs, which all the other candidates propose. As we approach the highly partisan 2020 national election, “Lee’d The Way” suggests a third approach, through which we may learn to get along in a cooperative spirit and create a happier tomorrow."

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